Welcome to Prayerchair Ministries.

Mission Statement

Here at PrayerChair, we feel that God has given us a mission to, “To make My name known. To bring people into an experience of My love. And to know that I am the God, who was, is, and is still to come.”

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Fruit (and Veg)

The kind of fruit (or impact) that our ministry bears, is having seen hundreds of people set free, healed, and delivered from a variety of oppressions, ranging from physical infirmities (both long and short-term injuries and sicknesses), to emotional and psychological traumas (e.g. pain of past experinces), to just releasing the truth of God’s love over people by the power of His word, and through the insight of the Holy Spirit who knows the potential of every heart. Ultimately, whatever the need, God is able to meet it, and we simply partner with Him in bringing this about.

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