“So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.” Mat 20:16. The salvos say “promoted to glory” when someone passes away. But whilst Jesus promises us eternal life, don’t let your zeal for God wane so that you scrape in to heaven by the skin of your teeth. Sometimes we can start to drift away over many years, like a pin prick in a tyre that slowly deflates over a long period of time. In life often the journey is more important than the destination, yet when it’s time to leave this world, it will be how we finish that matters most. If we finish away from God, then we’ve lost it all, regardless of what we’ve already done. So keep close to God always so that you never start to drift. Praise God today that it’s His love in us that gives us life, and as we keep close to Him, we will always live a life that honours God in all we do with the promise of an eternal hope and future.

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