Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up. Pr 12:25. Be an encourager and not an accuser. Sadly the world seems to always let you know when you mess up. It’s actually a very selfish response as the focus is on them, on how they’ve been put out or the inconvenience they need to endure, while at the same time taking people for granted. Sadly we can all be guilty of this if we are not careful, we can take our spouses for granted, our families and our colleagues, yet they’re no different to us with emotional needs and all trying to do their best. Make a decision to be an encourager every day. Build up atleast one person daily to encourage them and show your appreciation often to those who are around your life and build them up too. Thank God today that He gave you Jesus to be the lifter of your head, to create a new and amazing you, to be the dispenser of God’s love wherever you go.

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