Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you. Ps 37:5. How often do you commit your actions to the Lord? Daily, or only on a quick emergency prayer basis when something goes horribly wrong.  When we commit our actions to God, our motives must be right or else we could not come before God for His guidance when in our heart of hearts we know that what we are doing is not completely right. When we commit our actions to God, we are asking for His blessing guidance and favour that God will pour out on a right heart and clean hands. When we walk and talk with God daily we are inviting His supernatural abundance and grace into everything we do. At this point God will also stir our spirit if something isn’t right to prevent us pain and heart ache if we follow His prompting. Praise God today that He only wants what’s best for us as we commit everything we do to Him.

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