Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Pr 16:3. Pray about the changes you want in your life this year and commit them to te Lord. This is crucial. If you want to see change in your life you must do things differently. You can’t do exactly the same as you did last year and expect different results. This is why we commit our actions, our actual activities that will bring our plans into reality before God. As we pray into this, we allow His perfect peace to guide us. We must be willing to work and be disciplined to ensure our plans have a chance of being realised in our life. Spend time with God each day, and never give up. Keep monitoring your progress so you don’t lose your focus, and see yourself everyday through the eyes of faith achieving what you have purposed in your heart. Praise God today that as we commit our actions and plans to Him He will guide our steps.

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