The human spirit can endure a sick body,but who can bear a crushed spirit? Pr18:14. The body has incredible strength to overcome sickness and to fight to keep going,but a crushed spirit signals defeat and wants to give up. Your spirit can become crushed if you abandon your dreams or believes you have missed God’s call for your life or if you just give up hope. This will sap the very life and energy out of you if you don’t turn your eyes firmly back on God. God’s timing is not our timing and God knew you would be in this place right now. He is merciful and gracious, and will still use you if you avail yourself to Him. He can still bring the plans for your life to pass if you keep you keep close to Him and speak life, health, victory and prosperity over your life each day. Praise God today that He has made you to be victorious. As you trust him and thank Him each day you will see hope restored in your life.

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