“Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change]. Lk 6:37 AMP.  Do not judge others when we don’t understand what God maybe doing in their life. God works in many different ways and we must be careful not to allow a religious spirit to limit what we think God can do and how He does it. God has forgiven us our failings and so we must also do the same for others. As we forgive with an open heart, God will bless us and we will also find favour in our time of need. Praise God today that His ways are just and as we decide to love others by not judging or condemning them, but forgiving them, we will also receive the same in our time of need.

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