Pride comes before disaster, We never know it all. The danger comes when we no longer listen to others and insist on seeing things through our own rose coloured lenses. If we persist on doing things our own way, we can ruin relationships at home, at work and even at church that can bring disaster on ourselves. Never be too proud or too arrogant to recognise when something isn’t working or you need help. God opposes the proud and shows favour to the humble 1Pet:5:5b. You don’t want God to oppose you! If you’re too far down the line be willing to show humility and apologise if necessary. A humble heart will be received in the way it is given. There’s more strength and character in admitting you’re wrong than to just keep going and hope for the best. Thank Jesus today that He showed us how to live in total humility even though He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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