I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, Ph3:13b We must not look to the past but keep our eyes on what lies ahead. Don’t let satan get a foothold in your life by creating an anchor of your past. The apostle Paul had a notorious past but he looked ahead and not backwards to achieve great things for God. Your past does not determine your future. God is in your future and with God all things are possible. He will take you well beyond anything that could possibly have held you back in your past. Trust God, He knows best. Your past has been forgiven and today is a new day. Allow yourself to dream again and to explore what God is putting in your heart and be willing to step out as God directs. Praise God today that He is for us and has forgiven our past transgressions so that we can enjoy life today and step into the future plans that He has for us.

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