Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. 1Thes 5:19. When we take our eyes off God and go our own way we can stifle what God wants to do in our life. When we keep close to God we are like a plant that’s being constantly watered and can flourish regardless of what’s happening. When we take our eyes off God, we start to focus on the inferior and put our problems above God. At that point it becomes harder to sense the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we start to miss out on God’s best as we become trapped in conflict, addictions, relationship problems etc. that God never wanted us to encounter. We need to keep our heart open to the Holy Spirit so we can live in the fullness of God’s presence and His plans for our life. Praise God today for His precious Holy Spirit that He’s given us to guide our steps, as we keep our spiritual ears and eyes open to sense His guidance and direction for our life.

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