Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. Prov 1:7. When we understand that our Heavenly Father has the power of eternal life and death in His hands, we are truly overcome with a reverend awe and a desire to please Him. In God’s infinite wisdom His ways can only be above our ways and yet He loves us each, so much, that He made a way for us through Jesus to be reconciled to Himself. He gave us His Word,a roadmap for life,that if we follow it,we can live the best life possible. We can avoid the pit falls of life that would ensnare us and even separate us from God’s holiness. Sometimes we must make adjustments so we don’t veer off the road of life into a ditch. As youngsters our parents guided us,but as adults we are now accountable for our own actions. Thank God for His infinite love today and ask Jesus to help you with any areas of struggle in your life.

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