Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends. Pr 17:9. Forgiveness is love triumphant, where love refuses to allow the offences of others to destroy precious relationships or to crush your peace. Love has an incredible capacity to heal you and others, whilst unforgiveness is self destructive. As you repeat past offences and dwell on them, they will eat you from the inside out giving root to bitterness and eventually breaking down relationships and friendships. Jesus forgave all our offences to restore us to our Heavenly Father. If Jesus can forgive us, there can be no grounds not to forgive others. Whilst this may be difficult for some based on their circumstances, God will help if the head is willing but the heart is struggling. Praise God today that love will always triumph if we trust God and allow His healing love to flow from our hearts into these situations.

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