“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Lk6:37. God did not judge us, He forgave us. So if God forgave us, who are we to go and judge others. Who is to say their sin is greater than your sin. We don’t always understand what’s happened in a persons life and often we only see the outward behaviour like the tip of an iceberg where we can’t see what’s going on beneath the surface. If we don’t judge, but show compassion, our heart will be in the right place, and we will keep our peace. Judging others will harden you and blacken your heart as the ugly face of self righteousness will appear. We must pray for others and support them when they’re down. Let God be judge, and let’s show love to the unloveable because that’s when God in you will truly shine. Praise God today that He didn’t judge us, but forgave us and picked us up so that we can be His hands and His heart to those He brings across our path.

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