Though the Lord is great, He cares for the humble, but He keeps His distance from the proud.PS 138:6. There could be no worse thought or position to be in than the Lord keeping His distance from you. If the Lord is staying away from you, there would be uncertainty as to the level of covering over your life  and the reality of blessings turning into curses. If His light is not on you then only darkness will fill the void. God is love and relates to the heart. Life and death flow from the heart. A humble heart draws near to God and is subject and sensitive to Him. A proud heart makes its own decisions thereby unwittingly excluding God and as a result exalting itself above God. We should examine ourselves closely as pride can seep in ever so subtly and even mask itself in false humility. Ask God to reveal any area of pride that may be holding you back and repent of those areas. Keep vigilant not to allow those areas of pride to return so that His grace can flow fully in your life as you draw near to Him.

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