The lazy person claims, “There’s a lion out there! If I go outside, I might be killed!” Pr 22:13. God never intended us to live a risk free life. We deny God’s ability when we look for easy outs rather than doing what we know we should do. Every victory was won outside a persons comfort zone, when they stepped out and stepped into their victory. Courage is not the absence of fear but knowing that what you must do is more important. God is always with us. As we step out and trust Him we will conquer those things that hold us back. As we trust God we will see His hand move in amazing ways to bring about breakthroughs. The lazy person will miss out and never see God move. If they don’t step out, they actually give God nothing to work with. Praise God today that He’s called us to be the head and not the tail, and as we trust him and make the tough decisions and step out, God will bring us through into victory.

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