Then He said to them [Pharisees] “You like to appear righteous in
public, but God knows your hearts. What this world honours is
detestable in the sight of God”. Lk 16:15. God sees through to the
depths of our inner being and resents when our motives are to please
men above God. The pursuit of worldly lures that are contrary to Gods
word are so easy when it is acceptable and condoned by man as good.
But God sees the heart, playing church to be seen by man rather than
pleasing God, chasing worldly wealth at the expense of a deeper
relationship with God, accepting worldly values that directly
contradict what is close to Gods heart will all keep us further away
from God. We need to review our lives on a regular basis to ensure we
haven’t strayed and come back to our loving God with a repentant
heart, as God  is eagerly waiting to take us back into His loving arms

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