Surround me with your tender mercies so I may live, for your instructions are my delight.. I will never forget your commandments, for by them you give me life. PS119:77,93. God surrounds us with His love and tender mercies. Like a loving Father,He gives us His Word to guide us as a parent would instruct a son or a daughter of the pitfalls that can await an unsuspecting child. His Word is His way, it gives us life, it gives us joy and it gives us the freedom to live our life to the full as we know we are loved by an almighty God. God cares about us passionately and desires to walk closely with us in a personal relationship so that He can release us into an amazing life, that only He can give, that’s well beyond our own self imposed limitations. Praise Him today that His love for you will never end and as we draw near to Him He will surround us with His love and tender mercies in both good times and in bad.

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