For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Pr 23:7. The power of your thoughts can shape who you are. How you see yourself will influence what you say and do. Often when we surrender our life to Jesus, and submit as clay in to the potters hands, He will start to reshape us and sometimes have to break the mess as He starts to reshape us again. As we start to see ourselves as Jesus sees us, and start to allow His view to become our view, we will rise above what we thought is possible. We’ll realise we are incredibly loved and uniquely made for such a time as this. We will step out in faith and trust Him as we believe we have been wonderfully created with a divine plan and purpose. God sees our best and who we can become. Thank God today that He knows exactly where we are, our highs and our lows, but as we truly surrender to His boundless love, what He puts in our heart, is who we will become.

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