I want you to show love, not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings. Hos 6:6. God wants our heart above all else. He desires your love for Him above your good works and above your sacrifices. Above anything else, He wants you! Jesus came into the world to reconcile us to the Father so that we can know Him intimately as sons and daughters of the most High. We can now come into His presence and experience His overwhelming love, profoundly touching our lives. It’s about a personal relationship with the living God and not religion. As we walk with God each day, He will direct us and speak into our heart, releasing His favour grace and mercy into our lives that will overflow and touch the lives of others. Thank Him today and during the Christmas season for loving you so much that He sent His only Son into the world to make a way for us to experience His love beyond measure.

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