Fools make fun of guilt, but the godly acknowledge it and seek reconciliation. Pr 14:9. There are times in our life when we make mistakes or hurt others that results in experiencing guilt. Fools will say just get over it and move on, whilst the wise person will recognise that you’ve done something wrong and seek to put it right. The longer you leave something the harder it becomes to deal with, so its best to deal with things early rather than allowing any associated anxiety room in your life. Your peace is effected by your relationship with others, so putting past wrongs right will bear much joy through restored relationships and greater peace in your heart. It won’t always be easy but If you do this prayerfully and in humility, God will give you the wisdom you need and guide your steps. Praise God today that as we bring our areas of guilt before Him, He’ll help us to put things right.

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