For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. PS91:1. God knew that even though we have been give new life through His son,we would need to walk through life’s troubles and at time endure struggles in a fallen world to break through into the blessings and promises God has for our life. God has set His angels over us to look after us as God is always with us. As we walk with Him, He will protect us and keep us. God knows some of life’s greatest journeys yield the changes needed in us to move into the new things that God has for our life. If the early explorers hadn’t endured gruelling months at sea following their heart they wouldn’t have discovered North America or Australia. God has journeys for all of us, embrace them as the road to something new and wonderful in God. Praise God today that He knows every trial we must face and as we walk with Him He will keep us safe and bring us through.

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