He trains my hands for battle; he strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow. PS 18:34. Your trials and struggles are not futile. God will use these to strengthen you so that when new challenges come along you will be more resilient and better placed to deal with things. Its the trials in life that shape us for what God has for us. As we trust Him and lean on Him, we will find that our capacity to deal with adversity will increase. As we learn to cast our cares on Him we will learn to retain His peace in the midst of life’s struggles. Never forget that whilst we trust and keep our eyes on Him, He will guide our steps and the outcomes in our life to bring the victory. Praise Him for the victory even in your darkest hour, as He is with you and will never leave you. Praise God today that His plans for our life are good and as we keep trusting and praising Him throughout life’s challenges, we will be victorious.

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