Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come. Jer 33:3. There’s a place in the heart of Father God that longs to share so much more with you, not just about today but also tomorrow. He created us for relationship and as we desire to know Him more each day, we will fInd our spiritual ears far more attuned to His voice. As we spend time and wait on Him, He will reply. The reality is God’s always speaking to us, we’re just not listening. We must learn to be spiritually natural and naturally spiritual, so we keep our spiritual ears open while also going about our daily lives. Relationship is always about two way communication, so if we pray without waiting we’re really not giving God a chance to speak to us at a time when we’re actually listening. Praise God today that He desires to share so much with us as we keep our heart towards Him and ears open to His guidance for our life.

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