We praise your love even more than wine. SoS 1:4b. God’s love is truly better than wine. There is no sting in the tail, no rough mornings, but true love that will never fail you. True love that accepts you just as you are but loves you too much too leave you that way. True love that keeps on giving, filling you with hope, joy and peace that will never leave you. As you draw nearer to His love in worship you will come into the tangible presence of His love beyond words that desires to fill you with His glory. But, as with all relationships, if we don’t spend time to communicate that includes listening and waiting on God, we can miss out on His best for us. God not only has long tern plans for our life but also for each day if we just open our spiritual ears to listen. Praise God today that He loves you too much to ever leave you, so listen to His heartbeat for your life, and your joy will keep running over.

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