False weights and unequal measures – the LORD detests double standards of every kind. Pr20:10. We must walk the talk. Its not acceptable to say one thing and then do something else, as your actions speak louder than words. We should live by example living true to our convictions especially in the face of temptation or adversity. Sometimes it is easy to let our guard down, but you must be vigilant as one moment of indiscretion can cause a lifetime of pain. God’s ways are there to make a way for us to walk through life retaining our peace and joy. As we walk in His ways and observe His will we will have a blessed life. God’s Word is God’s way, we must spend time in His Word to allow it to captivate our hearts and therefore to become a part of our lifestyle and our way. Praise God today that He has given us His Word and His will for our life to protect us, to save us and to give us the fullest life possible.

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