Against you, and you alone, have I sinned. PS 51:4a. When we truly love God we become aware that His ways are not man’s ways and that His expectations for our life are different to the worlds. God is shielding us from the traps that can ensnare us and eventually lead us into bondage. God is a Holy God and He expects us to be holy. In purity there is peace, there are no shadows or need to rationalise what we’re doing away. When we walk in God’s ways we’ll miss out on nothing, but in fact experience so much more as God can do things through our life that we couldn’t do alone. God desires that we experience heaven on earth, being content in all situations, living in God’s peace and being expectant on God to move in all situations. Praise God today that He’s a forgiving, merciful and just God, who will forgive us when we stray and lovingly guide us back onto the path He has predestined for us.

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