People maybe right in their own eyes, but the Lord examines their heart. Prov 21:2. People’s actions usually appears right by their own standards when they evaluate their actions through their own rose-tinted glasses based on their own life experiences. But God weighs the heart, He looks at our motives and intent, and it’s His Word that should be our benchmark for our life’s standard and not just our own experiences. God has also given us His Holy Spirit to guide us and to give us greater revelation of the Father, His love and will for our lives. Thank Him today that God only wants the very best for our life. God’s Word is a lifestyle for our life that’s an incredible liberator to help stop us from falling into situations that ensnare so many and to fill us with His joy, happiness and peace. Thank Him for His Holy Spirit who is always with us to guide our steps and to reveal God’s wisdom whenever we ask.

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