Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear. Mat 24:35. God’s Word is an immovable foundation. We have all been redeemed through the Word and the same life giving power that changed lives thousands of years ago is still changing lives today. As we make God’s Word the anchor in our own life, we can overcome the struggles and issues that confront us. God’s Word should underpin our own values and actions that will change us from the inside out. God’s Word will renew our minds as we reflect and memorise key scriptures for our life. Search out scriptures you need for your life and pray them over yourself many times each day and thank God that they will come to pass. As you combine your faith with God’s Word, breakthrough must follow. Praise God for His Word today. Thank Him that His Word is a road map for our life that will never fail as we keep His Word in our heart and our eyes on Him.

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