Because you are my helper,I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings. PS 63:7. There is a place of peace and security that comes from remaining close to God. When you live in the shadow of the almighty, God is close to your heart, you make Him a part of your daily life and you know, that you know, He is always with you. It’s in that place you can find refuge where you know His Word is faithful and true and you have seen Him move not only in your life but in the lives of others too. And if God says “no” it’s for our good, it’s His mercy, His delay is not His refusal but rather that God knows the best is yet to come, so we must wait and trust Him. He will never fail you or leave you. He will love you forever. Keep close to Him and allow His love to surround you with His protection and peace. Praise Him today that He is always there for you ready to move with you and on your behalf as you reach out to Him.

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