For as he thinks in his heart, so is he Pr23:7a. NKJV. What’s in your heart will flow through your life. If you’re afraid you will be timid, if you’re pessimistic you’ll be negative, if you’re optimistic you’ll see opportunity and hope. We need to see ourselves as God sees us. We were created unique in His image with a wonderful plan and purpose for our life. We were created to be the head and not the tail,and to rise up above life’s circumstances. God created you for relationship, and you and God,together, can do all things. Nothing is impossible for God who’ll bring a supernatural edge into your relationship as you step out with Him,with Jesus in your heart. Don’t look at yourself as the world sees you,or has shaped you,but look at yourself as God sees you,and you’ll rise up and live a victorious life. Praise God today that He is all we need,and together with God all things are possible.

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