And true circumcision is not merely obeying the letter of the law; rather, it is a change of heart produced by God’s Spirit. And a person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people. Rom 2:29b. It’s not what we do on the outside that counts but what happens on the inside. Our relationship with God is not about observance and outward activities as much as a changed heart towards Him. It’s where our priorities change to please God rather than man. Our actions are not motivated by being seen to do the right ting, but rather through a deep love for God and our desire to please Him in all that we do. When our actions flow from a heart of love for God, God’s love will flow into everything we do that will reveal His love to others. Our life will be His witness. Thank God today that we can know Him intimately and come into His presence where our life will always be filled with His love and peace.

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