I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. PS119:11.It’s the Word of God that defines you. You were wonderfully created in God’s image with a call of God on your life. He will equip you for whatever He has put in your heart. He has put inside you gifts and abilities that will truly come into their fullness when we walk with Him, read His Word and allow it to penetrate into our heart so that His ways become our ways and our responses to situations will be moved by our heart attitude to God ad not what our emotions dictate at that time. We will be moved to live a life that pleases God as our love towards Him grows stronger the more we pray and read His Word – His love letter to us, each day. Praise God today that He has placed greatness inside of you and its who God says you are and not the world that matters, and from that place we desire to live a life that pleases God and not man.

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