The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. Jn1:5. Darkness is not a colour it’s a void that exists in the absence of light. It masks the mess in our life, where we struggle and are bound by addictions or things that keep us down. When Jesus’ light shines on those areas, its not to bring shame, but to expose it, to allow you to lay it at the foot of the cross so that His love can fill your life to restore you and to set you free. We were never intended to live outside of God’s light, but when we venture out, things can go wrong and we can get caught up in some things that we can’t deal with on our own. In those times we need to bring it to Jesus in repentance and allow His breakthrough strength and restoration to shine into the dark corners of our life to bring freedom and liberty. Thank Jesus today that He illuminates our path and lovingly restores us when we lose our way.

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