But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Lk 5:16. If Jesus needed to pray often then how much more do we? Jesus is our example that a regular prayer life is a necessary part of our daily walk with God. Prayer is our love language with God. It strengthens us and comforts us as we draw nearer to God and seek His direction. We must never be too busy to pray. Jesus had the weight of the world on His shoulders and yet as the Son of God He still found time to pray. We make time for the things we value and whats important in our life. The reality is we cant afford not to pray. Praise Him today that He is always there, listening and waiting to spend time with you.  In the busyness of life find some where secluded where you can spend some time to shout,jump, praise,celebrate, weep and pour out your heart  before God. The more you share your life with God the greater His presence will be in your life.

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