The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. PS 118:14. When Jesus is truly in your heart you can draw on His strength in any situation. You are never alone, and as you give your problems to Him, and shift your eyes from your problems on to Jesus, He will be your peace. When you start to think about your problems keep thanking Jesus that He’s taking care of it. As you place your trust firmly in Him, He’ll take you through whatever you may be facing. With Jesus in your heart, He will be your victory and your song, He will fill your life with joy as you will know that if He is for you no one can be against you. If He’s not worried nor should you be. Just draw on Him, and press into Him daily. The closer you are to God the smaller your problems will become. Praise God today that in Him you will have victory. He will give you reason to celebrate and He will be the song in your heart.

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