Seek the LORD while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near. Is 55:6. Don’t give up on God, it’s in those moments of adversity that God is closer than you realise. Adversity can often be a vehicle for change in our life. It can shape us and help us to overcome our shortcomings. Keep close to God and don’t allow your heart attitude to harden, as you stand strong and trust God, He can turn around what you see as a difficult and stressful situation to one that creates good outcomes in your life (Rom 8:28). Keep close to Him as God does not want you to do life solo without Him, and together you will conquer the highest mountains in your life, you will overcome no matter what the enemy throws at you, and you will walk in victory as that is the only outcome we can have in Jesus. Praise God today that He is always close to us, and that we can walk in victory with Him, through all of life’s challenges.

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