Give me an eagerness for your laws rather than a love for money! Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word. PS119:36-37. It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s really important in life. Material things are so temporal and don’t last, but many people will devote their life and even give up everything in pursuit of them. Yet these are just things, nothing to do with the heart or what’s important to God. What is it to a person to inherit the world and lose his soul? As we keep our eyes on Jesus, He will order our priorities so that we can always walk in His peace and His strength. When our eyes are on Him, He will look after our needs. As we follow His promptings and walk in His ways according to His Word, His blessings will follow. Praise God today for His Word that helps us to keep our eyes and heart focussed on Him, so that His priorities will become our priorities and blessing.

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