“Take courage and be a man. Observe the requirements of the LORD your God, and follow all his ways. Keep the decrees, commands, regulations, and laws written in the Law of Moses so that you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go. 1Ki 2:2a-3. King David’s final words to his son and successor Solomon. David knew the importance of following Gods Word, our blue print for life. David also knew that when you walked with God you could come into that place of relationship with God and be strengthened in His presence. David also told him to be a man, or rather to take responsibility for what God has given Him, to be the Father and King God called him to be. In the same way we are to be the fathers or mothers, men or woman God has called us to be. Praise Him today. Thank Him that He has made a way through Jesus to draw near to Him, to be strengthened and to rise up in our calling as we wait on Him.

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