Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Pr16:24. One of the most precious gifts we have are our words, and our ability to impart blessings on others. Sadly with so much despair and troubles in the world today it’s not too difficult to develop a negative mindset that starts to see the worst in everything rather than the best. This will impact others and the impression we leave on them. Let’s draw on God’s strength and see the best in others. Let’s speak life into every situation building others up rather than saying nothing or tearing them down. Let your words fill others with hope. Become known as a Barnabas- Son of Encouragement. Become known as a person people want to be around because they feel good around you, because you let God in you speak into their lives. Praise God today that He’s given us the ability to use our words to bless others wherever we go.

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