Say just a simple ‘Yes, I will’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Your word is enough. To strengthen your promise with a vow shows that something is wrong. Mat 5:37 TLB. Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No. Let your words be resolute and beyond question. No one can ever take your integrity away from you, you lose it! Be honest and stick to commitments you make to others, when people know they can depend and trust in you, other doors will begin to open up to you. It’s OK to say ‘no’ if you can’t do something. People will judge you by how your lifestyle and actions line up with your words. Be careful not to say things just to please others as people do appreciate honesty even though it may not be what they always want to hear. Praise God today that His Words is beyond reproach and the rock on which we stand. Ask Him to give you wisdom in your words so that you will always be a blessing to others and not a disappointment.

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