If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles. Mat 5:41. We live in a world where people are looking for shortcuts in most  areas of their lives and will do the absolute minimum to get by. But this is not what God wants. When we do above and beyond what someone asks you are blessing them and bringing honour to God as people can see your christianity in action. God’s favour exists in the second mile. If you always did above and beyond what was asked of you at work, promotion would rapidly follow. When someone asks you for help and you give more than what they ask for, or need, God will release His favour into your life to enable you to be an even greater blessing to others, that not only blesses them but also blesses God. Praise God today that His ways are not our ways and that as we do above and beyond what is required of us in every area of our life we will have a blessed life.

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