And do everything with love. 1Cor 16:14. You must always check your motives before you act. When love is our motivation, we are actually living in God’s way for our life. When we act in love our motives are transparent and our actions will be received in the spirit in which they were intended. When we act in love and step out in faith we are aligning ourselves with God’s favour and blessing for our life. When we act in love, we are sowing peace and harmony that we will also reap in our own life. Everything Jesus did was in love, for us, and we are called to emulate Jesus. This is not always easy especially when we’re angry or emotionally involved, we must step back, and pause just long enough to gather our thoughts and words to prevent inflaming an already potentially volatile situation. Praise God today that His love for us is beyond measure and that He is always there to guide us and to encourage us.

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