Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who want to borrow. Mat 5:42. Again Jesus is speaking about our heart attitude towards others, not to turn our backs on those in need, but to be there for them as Jesus is there for us. This does not say abandon wisdom or give to your own detriment. Use wisdom in lending, especially to those who continually borrow. We can all be extravagant givers in our own way, if a homeless person asks for money, buy them coffee or food. A little can mean so much. Giving is such a blessing, the expression on peoples faces so often outweighs the gift. Giving doesn’t have to be financial, just being an ear for someone can change their life. Our heavenly Father gave us His son Jesus, and Jesus gave us His all. Praise God today that we are more blessed in giving than receiving that allows us to determine the amount of joy we experience as we open our heart to others.

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