Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character. Ps 105:19. The path to greatness in the things that God has for us has many trials along the way. Trials that shape our character, soften our heart, draw us nearer to God and trials that say we’re now ready for what God has for us. Like the refiners fire that removes impurities from gold, our trials should bring out the very best in us. God has wonderful things planned for every life, so we must never give up but persevere in our faith we will see God’s hand and favour move in our life. Joseph was in prison for many years and then He was set free and became second to the King of Egypt. Joseph had to be ready and have the right heart to accept this significant responsibility. Thank God today that even though we may be walking through trials, God has something wonderful for us if we persevere and keep our faith.

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