Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs. Prov19:11. There is power in mercy. Mercy is where we don’t get what we deserve. When you control your temper and react mercifully, you earn the respect of others, as others maybe expecting you to lose it, but when you show restraint and moderation you are walking in God’s ways. Restraint allows you to consider what’s happened without allowing your emotions to take over and potentially blow things out of proportion. The devil will always try to bait you, but when you wisely choose your battles and decide to overlook an offence, you will experience a greater measure of God’s peace in your life. When we choose to overlook an offence, we look to the best in people and recognise that at times we all make mistakes. Praise God today that as we show mercy to others as He shows mercy to us, His peace will fill our life.

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