Let them all praise the name of the Lord. For His name is very great; His Glory towers over the earth and heaven. PS 148:13.

Praise is the pulse of heaven. This must be our spiritual heart beat!   Praise the Lord from the heavens praise the Lord from the skies V 1. Let every created thing give praise to the Lord V 4. Rejoice in Him, Praise Him with all your heart let your praises reach heaven like a roar. We must Praise Him always. Praise must be part of our lifestyle.  Our Praise is the war cry of allegiance to the King Of Kings the Lord of Lords, the most High God. It is the roar that defeats the enemy and tears down his plans that can not stand against Gods Glory. Rejoice, Praise Him today like never before, love Him, worship Him, rejoice, for the highest King of all, creator of all things seen and unseen, loves you, calls you by name and calls you HIS child. Now that’s cause for praise! GLORY!!!!

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