Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs. Pr 19:11. Love covers a multitude of sins.  Wise people hold their tongue and allow wisdom to govern their response so that their actions are not driven by emotion, but a response based on the premise of: how can I best deal with this situation to achieve the outcome I desire. Sometimes it is better to let things go when its not worth creating a storm over an inconvenience or a nuisance situation, and let love and compassion motivate your response as you look straight into the heart and not the action. God weighs the motive and sometimes with the very best intentions we can mess things up too,so let love rule your words and actions. As you do,you will earn the respect of others as God will shine through you. Praise God today that He loved us even in our darkest plight and lifted us up to be seated with Him through His son Jesus.

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