To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction. Prov 12:1. Self discipline underpins the foundation for our future. It helps keep our focus on the goal, so that we don’t veer to the left or to the right. If we don’t apply self discipline to anything we do, we will never follow through. To master anything, even the most gifted people need to practice and apply self discipline in their life. God will help us if we are willing, even if we struggle with whatever it is. God will help us if its our hearts desire. Now if someone corrects you, or tells you a truth you didn’t want to hear from someone else, learn from it, sometimes these are red flags to help us regain our focus. We need self discipline even in our prayer life and time in the Word to keep us close to God. Praise God today that He loves us and is faithful and true and will be our strength  in whatever we put our heart to.

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