Again and again they tested God’s patience and provoked the Holy One of Israel. Ps 78:41. Sometimes God’s delays are not His delays but our delays. We can actually hinder the flow of God’s best in our life when we step out of what we know we should be doing or when we ignore the prompts of the Holy Spirit. When we resist God or insist on doing our own thing, God will just leave us to it until we come to that place of realisation that we actually need His guidance and wisdom. When we resist God we go out on our own. When we step out in faith trusting God, He goes with us. God’s best for our life can only be with Him and never without Him. So if God prompts you to do something, or to stop something, do it quickly, don’t wait. When you walk in God’s will you will always walk in His favour and the fullness of His grace. Praise God today that He desires the very best for our life as we keep walking with Him.

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