Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty! Pr14:22. The first step is always the hardest. God has birthed seeds, dreams and ideas inside of us that unless we take the first step,or make that call,and take action, it won’t happen. We so often talk about doing something, writing a book, or undertaking study etc. that unless we start writing or enrol, we won’t do it. God has given us gifts and seeds to nurture and develop, not only to profit or benefit us,but to also bless others. Every journey starts with a single step. Determine in your heart to take the first steps today for something you’ve been putting off or know you should start doing. As you step out in faith, God will go with you. You are never alone, and as you ask God for His guidance and strength,He will help you make a way. Praise God today that He has given us the ability to do so much more than we realise, all we need to do, is start.

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